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Zootherapy Melani-MO , 

PaPa: I want, I want, I want, an animal!!!!


learning workshop

and animal care

grand danois de zootherapie
quel animal choisir

mom, dad, I want a pet at home

Before embarking with a pet...

come see me !!

with my 14 pets on my place the NICHE-Maison

your choice will be clearer!

It's not always the best dog!

we look, manipulate, explain together

1- the difference between animals

                          2-cage maintenance, litter,  of outdoor ground


4- the necessary space 

5- veterinary care

6- your questions

Price $80/family 

maximum 4-5 people

1 hour

on the premises of the Niche-MINI-ZOO only 

in St-lin 

if need more time $ 80/ hour 

casper et delta zootherapie

I want a dog !!!

Casper & Delta

la maison rose de zootherapie
zootherapie pour tous
la maison rose d'amusement decouverte
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