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Photos of the herd

The wonderful WORLD of Melani-MO

We now have 

2 exceptional Great Danes

2 well-trained silken roosters

 and a giant flanders rabbit is looking for attention

an angora-velvet dwarf rabbit  harmonious

3 doves of exemplary calm

2 guinea pigs long-haired

2 nice ferrets with a bit of wanderlust 

1 chinchilla in hug formation

now 13 animals available

Casper: the great black Dane 4 years old

Delta: the 3-year-old Great Dane

Olaf: White and Brown Silk Rooster

Pablo: Black silk rooster

Grizzly: the flanders glove rabbit

Dumbo: dwarf angora rabbit

TIK-Tak-TO: 3 Laughing Doves

Swiffer: guinea pig

Pompom: Guinea pig

Cloud: ferret

Spirit: ferret

Daisy: chinchilla

My animals have all been entitled to a second chance in their lives, to a second life.

and the majority certified by a veterinarian 

(certificate /health)  and vaccinated, wormed if needed

 The wonderful world of


Our 2 silk roosters: Olaf and Pablo

Silk Rooster: Pablo

Zthe wonderful world of 


Flanders Giant Rabbit: Grizzly

the wonderful world of Melani-MO

the wonderful WORLD of 



the momentsmagical ofMelani-MOwatch the video above


 The wonderful world of-Melani-MO


christmas tie

silk rooster: Olaf

The wonderful world of Melani-MO

teen beauty with her dog Casper

The wonderful world of Melani-MO




Casper at school

Pink Sugar

casper videos

Zootherapy Melani-MO

Zootherapy Melani-MO


My animals have all been selected for their kindness, their patience, their gentleness and their obedience. They are the most gentle and harmless beings I have owned.

They are all: (if possible)

• sterilized

• vaccinated,

• wormed,

• anti-chip or without the slightest trace of a chip,

• treated against heartworms (dog) annually.

• fully groomed before each procedure.

• And rested after each procedure.

My animals have all been entitled to a second chance in their lives, to a second life.

casper, Harlequin Great Dane, is a 4 year old male. A survivor of a home fire in Mont-Laurier, he was tied outside during the incident. I adopted him since the owner could no longer keep him in his emergency accommodation. I gave him lots of love and good food followed by rehabilitation from the noise and smoke from the fires. He is now completely calm near a campfire or even a fireplace. He is the ideal friend to help overcome his fears.

Delta is my new addition to the family. She is also a Great Dane, but a 3 year old black female. She was a breeding female dog, fed raw meat, having had two large litters of 16 puppies containing several stillborn pups. His body took the brunt of it. So, thanks to Facebook, I adopted Delta since she loved hugs and loved my 17 year old cat. She also gets along wonderfully with Casper. She is training in dressage and adaptation to pet therapy and she is already very good at seeking cuddly attention and patience. Due to her past, she is the best female dog for bodily self-acceptance.

Pablo and Olaf are two silken roosters that I retrieved from a private shelter whose mother hen had 30 eggs of which 27 were roosters. When breeding in hens, only one male is enough for several hens. 26 were therefore put up for adoption. I took two, the one with the worst coat, Pablo, and the slowest, Olaf. Now the bullying is over. They are lovers or, at least, inseparable. Because of their unique physique and their relationship, they are the perfect animals to understand the differences of others and accept them with open arms.

grizzly is a giant Flanders rabbit that was picked up from a lady who had 3 dogs and 2 cats. She became allergic to it, so she had to part with it. For me, his sociability with other animals is a major asset in group therapy. So I adopted him with his cage and litter. His coat is soft and his curiosity and size provide clients with a unique pet therapy experience.

Ticklesis my 17 year old cat. She had been abandoned pregnant on my land, and, thanks to her strength of character, she found herself a loving family who took care of her and her two litters without ever restricting her freedoms. Its name comes from the fact that its coat is so soft that a touch makes us say: "it tickles". It is the very representation of the will. It is only used on the premises of the trailer niche in St-Lin.

Dumbo is a 3-year-old dwarf rabbit who also has his 2nd life because before he was doing pet therapy with another person and who had too many rabbits.... So Dumbo is very nice and very, very SWEET.

TIK-TAK-TO:2nd life has 3 laughing doves, 1 male and 2 females. people thought who sang too loudly. So with me he still has a little discomfort but we have to train them to be able to stay with us outside their cage and get used to transport. So coming soon

Melanie Bourassa

• Graduated in Animal Health(nurse-veterinarian for animals)

• Graduate speaker in  animal therapy

• Graduated incanine behavior

• And having worked in grooming and in halter dressage.

• And a graduate in real estate brokerage who gave me expertise in psychology and human relations

Personally, I divorced and recovered from uterine cancer and several miscarriages, my burnout and my induced menopause. 

So I also needed another chance, a second life too.

I have 3 teenagers aged 16, 18 and 21 with giftedness, ADD with and without hyperactivity, anxiety, video game addiction, heart operations and fractures and even school difficulties. I get on really well with them and they have learned to live in harmony with each of their weaknesses.

So, I am well equipped to help you in many situations of your personal and family life.

Or                       simply to have fun with extraordinary and exceptional animals!

never seen and never experienced!!!

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