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the wonderful world of Melani-MO

THEservices that we offer

the wonderful WORLD of e Melani-MO

services offered:

1- MINI-ZOO, animal workshop

2- mom, dad I want a dog!!!



5-zoo-school zone at school


8- Super-Women 

(motivation conciliation 

work - family)

19- Super-teen conference!

I know everything ! ...

ADHD+ Internet Addiction + Giftedness

see  explanations in the appropriate tabs

the wonderful world of Melani-MO

the wonderful WORLD of  Melani-MO



primary or secondary school

In theschools

I can offer fun sessions, and  and animal discovery with my herd 

or a dog training session: basic canine anti-bite obedience, nail care and tooth brushing, all to learn while having fun.

and educational games according to age, letters of the alphabet, numbers, concentration, self-confidence, resemblance to humans, animal discovery, biology, reproduction, tiktok video, it's up to you to ask me the subject for Thusimprove your class and make them want to be at school.

$85/ hour 

+ $10 to 50 feetransport depending on the region


Your children have difficulty in school, lack of motivation. he wants to learn. I can be a tutor at certain level. I am very patient and Casper offers the security and love to continue. whether the young person is in primary or secondary...

 I can play fun games and even use my internet/computer to pick up school work. 

This session is done in my TRAILER (the dog's kennel) because the atmosphere is calm and the dog can offer more to your young people!

The wonderful WORLD of  Melani-MO


  Pet therapy allows us to better connect with nature and naturally for me my Big Dog CASPER! and Delta

Pet therapy allows us to integrate games, concepts, well-being, learning while being motivated with the animal. 

Which allows us to find joy, intense happiness and self-discovery and inner strength.

I have developed sessions of all kinds to adapt to any kind of personality.

Because no one is perfect!

but we all have an imperfect side that makes us perfect!

Long live the imperfect and the difference!

Dare the difference!

The wonderful world of Melani-MO



casper +Delta



The wonderful world from Melani-MO

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