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the wonderful WORLD of Melani-MB


primary or secondary school

partner & reference: 

organismParents who are carriers of success

and schoolGentian of St-Calixte

''they love my sessions''


I can offer a session 

  1. fun 
  2. animal discovery with my herd
  3. a canine education session: basic canine obedience, anti-bite, nail care and tooth brushing, everything to learn while having fun.
  4. and educational games according to age, letters of the alphabet, numbers, 
  5. concentration, self-confidence, human difference, 
  6. ADHD, anxiety, bullying, learning disability
  7.  human resemblance, animal discovery, biology, reproduction, 
  8. video tiktok, 
  9. fun with the dogs in the gym to get them moving 
  10. make themes during special days:
  11. 1-bullying
  12. 2- school perseverance
  13. 3-drugs, video games, addiction
  14. 4-motivational conference
  15. 5- Valentine's Day, the day of hugs
  16. 6- Easter the day of rabbit hugs
  17. 7- learn to relax
  18. 8- the day of the difference of people (sex, homophobia etc.)
  19. 9- and many other ideas according to your tastes and needs
  20. it's up to you to ask me the subject to improve your class and give them the taste of being at school.

$85/ hour

+ $10 to 50 transport costs depending on the region

or personal one youth at a time

Your child has difficulty at school, lacks motivation. he wants to learn.

 I can be a tutor at certain level. I am very patient and Casper &  Delta or my other animals  offer security and love to continue. that the young person is primary or secondary...

I can play fun games and even use my internet/computer to pick up school work.

This session is done in my 



because the atmosphere is calm and the dog can offer more to your young people!  

and conference available in schools see the explanatory section 

Casper at school

bas Casper groupe.JPG
seance ado .jpg
2 bas Casper groupe seance.JPG

L'équipe animalière en action 

Service prices

Compare our service offerings and select the one that meets your needs.

SCHOOL package



+ SHIPPING COSTS $10 to $50

2 hour minimum session

2 to 3 cash available

accessories, toys, brushes, pet food


specialized animator Mélanie 

you must provide a room and chairs and tables

CONFERENCE 1 package




+ expenses of  additional transportation 

2h30 conference

2 Great Danes (dog)

powerpoint included

speaker Mélanie Bourassa

you must provide a room and chair and microphone, sound system and lighting as needed

conference package 2

Ado and life today


+ additional transport costs 

2h30 conference

2 Great Danes on site

powerpoint included

speaker Mélanie Bourassa

you must provide a room and chair and microphone, sound system and lighting as needed

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