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the wonderful WORLD of  Melani-MO

                                                                                                                 ZOO-ADO or  young

Your young teenager is connected to the internet, is bored, feels lonely,

or bullied by other young people. 

Or we have particular problems like




Syndrome Gilles de la  tourette

autism spectrum

Intellectual disability

management emotional

I can go to their school   (if authorized by management)

or come to my place: NICHE - MINI-ZOO mobile home $ 45/ hour / person

sessions of one hour or 2 

continuous version over several weeks is favorable but one at a time is also perfect. 

I installed a treadmill inside the TRAILER to allow walking accompanied by the dog! Beautiful!! 

and I have the internet, computer, tablet forever in order to open up to the outside world while having a techno side to get them emotionally. and Casper is doing it well!


or come to my place:NICHE-MINI-ZOO - mobile home $ 45/ hour / person INDIVIDUAL

in an institution $85/ hour a minimum of 2 hours 

shipping cost from $10 to $50 


You are AFRAID of dogs, for whatever reason: 

bite, lump, yelp, canine smell etc. 

I'm here for you, in my midst,


I prepare activities adapted to your fears. 

We're going GRADUALLY  according to  your fears. 

Casper is Gorgeous!!! a sweetness that will allow you to face your fears. 

and Delta gives us hugs AT WILL!

And have fun and happiness afterwards!

at the NICHE-MINI-ZOOhouse at $45 / hour offered at the NICHE-MINI-ZOO only INDIVIDUAL

Zootherapy Melani-MO


  Pet therapy allows us to better connect with nature and naturally for me my Big Dog CASPER! and Delta

Pet therapy allows us to integrate games, concepts, well-being, learning while being motivated with the animal. 

Which allows us to find joy, intense happiness and self-discovery and inner strength.

I have developed sessions of all kinds to adapt to any kind of personality.

Because no one is perfect!

but we all have an imperfect side that makes us perfect!

Long live the imperfect and the difference!

Dare the difference!

THE wonderful WORLD of Melani-MO



casper +Delta



Zootherapy Melani-MO

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